Get to know Inga Zukauskaite, the business owner behind Rosemary Bookkeeping Barking and Dagenham.

This year, we welcomed a brand-new franchisee into the Rosemary Bookkeeping network: Inga Zukauskaite of Rosemary Bookkeeping Barking Dagenham. Before joining Rosemary Bookkeeping, Inga was already well-versed in the requirements and processes of bookkeeping and accounting due to her experience running a Lithuanian food shop and managing its books.

“I was always very passionate about numbers,” she says. “Fate had it that many years ago my first job was in accounting.” After enjoying this experience immensely, Inga decided to formally study accountancy, and the rest is history! “For the last 15 years, I have been working in this industry. Every day I thought about my own business.” But still, Inga held back due to the fear of a new beginning and being out on her own. “Then I decided to start running a business as a franchise, and I knew I’d get a lot of help and support from them, so I won’t be on my own.”

This kickstarted Inga’s extensive research comparing different franchises that would let her use her previous experience and accountancy know-how, and give her the flexibility to run her business from home so that she can spend more time with her husband and two sons. Upon finding Rosemary, Inga was drawn to the opportunity to manage her time as her boss and felt that the business model and brand were “very professional, and at an affordable price”.

Speaking at Inga’s Rosemary training academy this year, Nina Skoczόłek, the brand leader for Rosemary Bookkeeping said she was looking forward to bringing Inga on board,

“I’m really excited to welcome Inga to our Rosemary Bookkeeping Network. I am confident that with her financial expertise and previous experience of running businesses she will help many local small and medium companies to grow and meet their goals. I know that Inga has ambitious plans for her business and I am looking forward to following and supporting her on her journey to building a sustainable and profitable business.”

From her work at the food shop, Inga knows the requirements and pressures of staying on top of your books and finances as a small business, and she says Inga says the best part of her job helping other people/small businesses with their bookkeeping as she knows first-hand how tricky it can be. Joining Rosemary has allowed Inga to do work she loves, as she can use her knowledge and passion for bookkeeping to support other local businesses, and help them become more financially savvy.

If you are in the Barking and Dagenham area and would like to receive Inga’s expert help with your books by letting an experienced professional handle the hassle of your bookkeeping for you, give Rosemary Bookkeeping Barking and Dagenham a call today on 020 7366 0541, visit her website here or, for those elsewhere in the UK, find your nearest Rosemary Bookkeeping business here.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

Introducing Nirmal Thakkar, the new business owner bringing Rosemary Bookkeeping services to Stevenage and surrounding areas.

Back in June, we sat down with Nirmal Thakkar, the brand-new owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping Garden City at the end of her training academy to talk about her life and new business. Nirmal tells me she loved taking part in her bookkeeping training, and that she feels like she’s prepared to carry out the processes required to help her clients with their bookkeeping needs, and is looking forward to building even more skills that will come with practice.

Nirmal came to the UK in 2002 from India, and received an MBA from Hertfordshire University, before going on to work in sales banking. She then took a break from the industry whilst on maternity leave and helped a friend build his business from the ground up. More recently, Nirmal has been working within the NHS as a 111-call handler, which has seen her lead a team with 25 people and work as both a trainer and auditor. Nirmal balances her work life with home life as a Mum to her 10-month-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. When not working, Nirmal loves to travel and is a big fan of Bollywood dancing. She tells me, she has a keen interest in reading self-assessment books to be able to access skills to improve in all areas of her life. She says if she had to pick one favourite quote from her reading to apply to her business and personal ethos, she would say “We rise by lifting others” by Robert Ingersoll.

It is this that Nirmal says she is most looking forward to about her new work as a Rosemary Bookkeeper. As she will be able to use her experience and expertise to uplift and help her clients to become more confident with their bookkeeping with their help. At Rosemary, all of our bookkeepers can be more interactive with clients by working through their books with them on a regular monthly business. Small business owners like Nirmal can be in business for themselves, but not by themselves as a Rosemary Bookkeeper can eliminate worry about the often difficult chore of managing their books by becoming a part of their support network. As Nirmal knows from her own experience, “It’s the small things that make a lot of difference”. And as part of an established franchise of experienced bookkeepers, Rosemary clients can receive regular and bespoke support from a brand trusted by small business owners across the UK.

Rosemary Bookkeeping Brand Leader Nina Skoczόłek says she is “Really pleased to welcome Nirmal to the Rosemary Bookkeeping Network.”

“Nirmal is focused on helping local micro and small enterprises to thrive. She brings a great amount of knowledge, experience and ideas on how to coach and help others achieve their business financial goals. I’m looking forward to following and supporting her on her journey,” she adds.

Excited to help her clients and their businesses grow, Nirmal opens her doors to clients in Stevenage and its surrounding areas today. To get in touch with Nirmal and receive her expert help with your bookkeeping give her a call now on 01462 419444, visit her website here or, for those elsewhere in the UK, find your nearest Rosemary Bookkeeping business here.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

We sat down with the brand-new owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping HarrowNitin Patelto talk about his career and training, being a scout volunteer, and his new bookkeeping business.

Allow us to introduce the newest member of the Rosemary Bookkeeping network, Nitin Patel, who is joining us as the owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping Harrow, bringing our signature friendly bookkeeping experience to the Harrow area. Having completed his training academy with us in June, allowing him to get acquainted with our brand and processes, Nitin is now poised and ready to begin helping clients in his local area. Joining the Rosemary Bookkeeping network as an ACCA graduate of almost 30 years, Nitin has an extensive career history working in finance for well-known companies like GSK (formerly GlaxoSmithKline), Sainsbury’s and the BBC.

When his previous role became redundant, Nitin knew that he wanted to use his financing experience to make a change. Still, it can be a daunting choice to make a drastic change or new start, but Nitin also knew that any fears that he had about starting afresh or about being on his own in business could be aided by franchising. Now fully trained in both our systems and online software like Xero and QuickBooks, Nitin can immediately go into business without apprehension of what’s to come and hit the ground running.

He says what he is most looking forward to about being a Rosemary Bookkeeper is being able to build more of a relationship with his clients through seeing them regularly. Nitin says the biggest benefit to a bookkeeper is that unlike partnering with an accountant, you’re able to receive regular aid from an expert to help you manage your accounts – even handling them for you completely. Nitin tells us that it is carrying out this “timely managing of accounts for clients,” by seeing clients as regularly as once a month, that he is most looking forward to about being a Rosemary Bookkeeping business owner. Through our extensive network of finance professionals and experts like Nitin, there is no problem that a Rosemary Bookkeeper cannot solve, assuring you guaranteed quality whenever you contact one of our teams. As Nitin says, a bookkeeper can become a part of [your] business and [they] have the finance experience to talk about the numbers” both as an equal and as someone who knows first-hand the experience of running a small business. With a bookkeeper, as with a franchise, you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. There are real people like Nitin, with whom you can grow to count on through monthly meetings and developing a strong working relationship by having them look after your books for you as both an expert and a partner.

When he’s not working, Nitin is a keen car enthusiast and is keen to go back to volunteering at his local Scout group. Due to his strong interest in long-term investing, he also chairs a small yet profitable investment club.

Nitin’s keen interest in personal finance means he is passionate about helping people understand some of the finer details of personal finance and enjoys being able to use his expertise to help friends and family, who are looking for advice in this area.  He says this is very rewarding as you are not just helping someone manage their personal finances but also making a difference to their well-being.

Rosemary Bookkeeping brand leader, Nina Skoczόłek says she is “Excited to welcome Nitin as a Rosemary Bookkeeper. He brings to the network years of financial experience and a passion to help micro and small business owners get a better understanding of their business finances allowing them to make more informed decisions and grow their companies. I’m looking forward to supporting Nitin on his journey.

If you are in the Harrow area and would like some extra help with your books, get in touch with Nitin today by calling 0208 265 0791.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer